Tips for Securing Outdoor Lighting

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Most people have lighting outside their home which belongs to them and that they control. For example, security lights or porch lights. Lots of people add outdoor lighting also as a part of the decoration for holidays. Our Electrician Avondale are expert in outdoor lighting installation and also know how to secure the lighting.
We all love to be safe as well and to always keep our home, our family, our guests and our pets safe as well — even if they are only staying enough long to pick up a few candies or sing a carol.

Install Outdoor-Rated Fixture
If you are installing lighting fixture outside, it should be designed and always built to be here. For two fast examples, light that is under the porch roof and not gets wet requires to be rated out for damp location, or say “outdoors” on it, as it will get damp still, hot and cold, and it requires to be capable to take that.
Wall fixtures that go next to the door but does not have a roof over it requires a higher rating — weather resistant, weatherproof, and “appropriate for wet location” are words you are looking for.

Utilize Outdoor-Rated Lighting Bulbs
In an exposed fixture like outdoor floodlights, most think of this. However, it will pay you in the terms of a life of bulb and easiness of replacing that to do same with the porch light. In case you are having a problem finding out a standard bulb which is rated for outdoor usage, check the fine prints on a few appliance bulbs. In case it could survive in an oven or a freezer, it can survive outdoors probably.

Do Not Overlap a Fixture
Most of the fixtures, outdoor or indoor, will have label or sticker that says Maximum Watt: 100W, or 75W or60W. What it says, respect this. It is there to always keep you away from putting in a light bulb which will overheat wiring in a fixture, which will easily damage the insulation on wires. What matters the most is real watt of bulb- not “incandescent equivalent.” In case you are putting CFL bulbs in any fixtures with 60W ratings, for instance, you can use the one that attracts any amount of the power up to almost 60W.

Utilize Outdoor-Rated Extension Cord
The extension cord utilized indoors are made up for that. They are usually flexible and light, so they are simple to keep out from the way. And these are certainly not made to always stand up to get wet. Buy and utilize only the outdoor-rated extension cord for any temporary lights you are connecting outside the home.

Use Decorative Lighting Made for Outdoor Usage
If you wish to hang a few lighted pumpkins or candy cane or skulls or icicle on the eaves or the porch railing, use ones only that are created to go there. Labelling must say “outdoor” or “indoor/outdoor” or “indoor” or Keep ones that mention “indoor”. Either of the other two is actually built to take up outside.

Look for Flammable Materials
You should be cautious to keep the lighting materials that produce heat, like lots of light bulbs, far from the other materials which can ignite as well as burn easily.
Accent lights under manger to offer it a glow might be just the effects you are looking for in the nativity scene, for instance. But if you have also scattered lots of straw, or hay, around the stable, effect you get may be a little different.

Install Cover for Wet Location in Open
If the outdoor receptacle is not under any roof or a few other defending cover it requires to have a special cover, called in-use covers, over it. As the name implies, such covers will keep receptacle and plug that is in it, dry — in the rain as well.


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