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Our Services Overview

We provide excellent work with emergency services for any problems.

Plumbing Services

We offers unparalleled installation services for water filters and softeners, bathroom fixtures, water heaters.

Electrical Services

Our electrical services company also offer other electrical works like electrical correction and inspection.

Air Conditioning Services

We can repair, replace, and install air conditioning systems for residential & commercial areas.
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We always guarantee highest quality services of plumbing, electrical & air conditioning.

Services Of Aqualine Plumbing, Electrical & Air Conditioning Avondale

Our company deals with new constructions, commercial/industrial work, work in education, health and hospitality sector. We provide a great number of services which includes: ​

Plumbing services:
  • Drain cleaning- Clogged drainage is one of the commonest problems in plumbing. Our plumbers are always equipped with the hi-tech tools to do the job perfectly. They can detect the site of clogging and unclog it quickly and efficiently.
  • Leak detection and fixing- We have all the advanced technologies to detect the underground leakage. It saves unnecessary digging and it also makes the repair procedure easy. Our plumbers are also expert in fixing the leaky faucets and valves.
  • Water heater – We are capable of solving any kind of issues with your water heaters. Our services are not just confined to repair of water heater but we are also good in maintenance and installation of water heaters.
  • Toilet issues- Whether it is a leaky toilet or a blocked toilet, our plumbers can easily fix the issue with your toilet.
  • Sewer issues – Our plumbers are good at repairing the broken sewer line. They can find the cause of the damage and can permanently fix the issue from happening again and again. We can also do re-piping if needed.
  • Repairs – Our plumbers are top class repairers. They can repair almost anything like – showerhead, bathtub, garbage disposal, sinks, valves etc.
Electrical services:
  • Repairs and replacement – Whether you need an extra outlet in the kitchen or want to get your breaker repaired, we are here to help you through.
  • Light designing – We can change the effects of lights in your home by designing them beautifully. Our creative and imaginative electrician can make this possible.
  • Code corrections – To make your home safe from electrical shocks its necessary that all the wires are checked thoroughly. We follow the very strict code compliant standard and can correct any code violation. ​
Air conditioning services:
  • Installation of new air conditioner – A new air conditioner is very efficient and can help to reduce your electrical bills. Our expert technician can install a new system for you according to your needs.
  • Repair – We can handle any repair work of an air conditioner. Our technicians have years of experience so they are accurate in detecting the problem and efficient in fixing it.
  • Maintenance service – Your air conditioner needs maintenance service on time to time so that it can work with efficiency. Our maintenance service is the best in Avondale. Our maintenance service includes:​
  • Filters cleaning/ replacing
  • Refrigerant level check

Call us to know more about our services and to get an advance estimate of the work. We are sure that you will like our work.

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High Quality Services

Professional Services

Each of our technicians are professional who provide best install of new device, change of damaged parts, faucet fitting, water heater repairs.

  • Install of new taps
  • Water heater repairs
  • Switches repair
  • Circuits breakers
  • HVAC system repair
  • AC installation

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