Quick Fixes to Make Sure Your Air Conditioner Survives the Summer

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The AC units play a big role in ensuring full comfort within your house. As such, it’s important to make sure that they stay in good working conditions especially during the summer season when temperatures can soar. Now the best method to decide how a system is running is to evaluate comfort level.
Remember, air conditioner units aren’t designed to last endlessly. The average lifetime of an AC unit is about 12 years. Unluckily, they fail down when you can’t do without them. Then also, not all malfunctions are considered big as there are small nuisances that are simple to fix at small fees. That’s why it’s imperative to guarantee appropriate maintenance of the AC unit prior to onset of summer. In case you don’t know where to start, here are a few summer Air Conditioner maintenance tips to consider:

Air Conditioning Unit Will Not Turn On?

The Possible Reason: Proper airflow ensures you comfort. Thus, if you aren’t comfortable then the airflow can be having problems.
The Fix: Changing filter is a great way fix. This must be done as a part of your routine maintenance. Usually, the filter must be changed in every one to two months depending on a number of people living in the home and presence of pets. Additionally, your unit must be 24 inches far from any kind of obstruction to cold air returns.

Your Utility Bill Is Abnormally High?

The Possible Reason: When your running costs spike, it’s may be an indication that your air conditioner unit is inefficient. Other than a dirty filter, choked condensing coil also is the most possible reason for it. The coil, which actually has many cooling fins such as those of car radiator is present on the outdoor system which can accumulate dust and debris.
The Fix: Contact an AC Repair Avondale for tune-up service.

Your AC Is Making Weird Noise During Operation And Startup?

The Possible Reason: If the AC is ticking, rattling or buzzing, the cause may be a loose screw. But, in a few cases, the cause might be more serious like bent fan blade present on outside or broken blower motor present on the inside of the unit.
The Fix: In the cases where a screw is loose, then it can be simply fixed by tightening as well as lubricating it. If it doesn’t work you can then replace the fan motor or fan blade with a brand new one.

The AC Shuts Down Long After Or Before I Am Comfy

The Possible Reason: The most common reason of this is wrong thermostat placement. Additionally, if the system is under the sun directly, too close to register or near a hot oven, then you might experience this. Relocation is also probable to see that you spend much more time there while the thermostat isn’t.
The Fix: It is recommended to relocate the thermostat.

The Air Coming From The Registers Doesn’t Feel As Cool As It Before

The Possible Reason: Refrigerant lines aren’t insulated properly.
The Fix: The 2 copper refrigerant lines link the outdoor unit and the indoor system. This must be covered utilizing insulating sleeves.


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