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All of us want to have a safe home but some electrical troubles can endanger our and our loved one’s lives. Our electricity needs are growing day by day and we want more from it each day. There are gradual inventions in the electrical field and new appliances are cropping up day by day. Old houses were not constructed keeping the new technology in mind which makes them more prone to electrical faults. It’s important that we upgrade the wirings and connections of our home by trained electricians like Electrician Avondale so that we can be safe.

Let’s understand what kind of electrical problems should be prevented in order to keep our home safe from electrical hazards:
  • Outdated codes – Older house were constructed keeping the safety standards of that particular time which are out of date now. A regular revision of the safety codes is very important for the old houses so as to accommodate to the safety standards of the present time. A yearly safety code checkup should suffice to keep your home away from the electrical troubles.

  • Increase in the electrical load – The electrical industry is booming and every day a new appliance is being launched. To run so many appliances at a time, many outlets are needed. But sometimes when the number of outlets is not sufficient people load their outlets with many appliances which increase the load in the circuit. This increase in the load is the leading cause of the house fires.

  • DIYs – There are so many videos and blogs on the internet that will encourage you to do the electrical repairs by self. But not all the DIYs should be followed blindly. Electrical matters should be handled by professionals. DIYs can do more harm than good.

  • Damaged wirings – Overtime the wires of your old house will get damaged. The most important sign of the damaged wiring or loose connections is flickering of light. These damaged wires are highly prone to catch fire so it is important that you don’t ignore it and seek the advice of an electrician.

  • Arc fault – When loose and damaged wiring makes intermittent contacts, it gives rise to sparks or arc. Whenever you notice a buzzing sound after switching-on anything, arcing is happening. This arcing produces the heat which damages the insulation of the wires, triggering the electrical fires. To prevent it from happening, arc fault protection is used.

  • Low amperage electrical panels – These days people are using more power than before. We are constantly using many electrical appliances. The old houses have low amperage electrical panels which cause frequent tripping of the breaker. Nowadays even insurance companies do not ensure the properties which have low amperage electrical panels. Increasing the amperage is good to keep your home safe and to save you from the inconvenience of the frequent breaker tripping.

  • Child protection – If you have a small child in your home, it’s important that you keep your home safe for him. Many children are intrigued by the outlets and end up inserting hairpins and keys inside the outlets. In a home where children are present, the outlets should be covered with a plastic cap.

If you live in an old house, it’s important that you handle the damaged wires or any other electrical faults in the early stage only. The house should have smoke detectors and fire alarm. It is possible that most of the appliances were not even invented when your home was constructed so your home electrical system cannot handle the high power withdrawal. You should keep your home electrical system updated.


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